Clientelis Platform

Clientelis Africa specializes in providing the healthcare sector with cost-effective digital solutions and bespoke software throughout Africa. We operate in a part of the industry that requires us to be able to reach the “last mile” in low-resource environments with highly tailored solutions.

Our answer to these twin needs for flexibility and reach has been to create our own rapid application development platform which allows us to develop powerful solutions quickly and cost effectively.

We combine diverse channels such as SMS, USSD, mobile apps, chatbots, webapps, email and barcode scanning to provide:

We also offer a full suite of implementation services including business analysis, development, user-interface design, system testing, integration, deployment, training, documentation writing and ongoing support. Click here for more information.

Clientelis Platform

Access to Medicine Programs


Pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility ensure that their life-saving products are available and affordable everywhere, including low-income countries. These programs come in all shapes and sizes, and so the information technology used to support must be equally versatile. This is where Clientelis can help, by designing and building out a solution specific to your needs, based on its flexible multi-channel platform.

An Access-to-Medicine program can have many objectives and for example might address:

  • Pricing by offering one box of medication free after a chronic patient has adhered successfully for four months
  • Treatment adherence by sending SMS reminders a day or two before the next box of medicaiton is due
  • Good governance by using eVouchers to manage validation of free medication entitlements
  • Monitoring & evaluation by using tailored dashboards and data exports
  • Education by including an online e-learning component in the program

Strategic Advisory

We work with decision makers at our clients where we lead them through a series of phases from discovery, analysis, workshops, strategize, report, implementation and follow up, as appropriate. The process will differ depending on the company and the objectives of the analysis but will typically include one-on-one interviews with key staff and group workshops. We use a methodological approach where possible. The diagram is an example of the methodology we use for developing business cases.

We focus our professional services on the healthcare sector, where we have decades of experience. We offer the following services:

  • Strategy Advisory
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Market Entry Strategies
  • Project Management
  • Analysing systems & processes
  • Team & Capacity Evaluation
  • Unlocking new opportunities
  • Business Case creation
Business Case Methodology

Market Research

Market Research

Our aim is to fill in the gap in healthcare data in Africa for our customers and help our clients make more informed decisions. We approach each project by clearly defining the problem and properly formulating objectives. We then decide on which type of study to undertake and what are the most appropriate data gathering methods. We design the questionnaires or interview guides. Our pool of qualified field researchers then interact with healthcare professionals face-to-face in the target markets in Africa. Our field team is multilingual and understand the cultural differences and diversity in different African countries.

Through our market research capabilities, we provide our clients with innovative strategies and research solutions that are practical. We help our clients gain deeper understanding of the African market. Topics that we have researched include:

  • Disease epidemiodology (incidence, prevalence..)
  • Products registered in the market
  • Product registration procedures in the country
  • Products & substitutes on the market
  • Reimbursement & co-pays
  • Product Distributor Search & Prioritization
  • Feasibility studies (supporting product launch)
  • Country Prioritization based on health, economic & other indicators
  • Market Sizing & Market Share
  • Treatment Pathways
  • Treatment Options & Affordability
  • Competitor product pricing
  • Competitive Assessments
  • Stakeholder analysis (hospitals, HCPs, payers..)

Distributor Search

International medical devices companies rely on us to help them expand their business into Africa. Through our market research capabilities, we carry out research in Africa to identify the best suitable candidates that can work with our clients to distribute medical equipment and consumables to healthcare facilities across Africa.

We begin our project by interviewing our customer and identifying the criteria that is important to them. Our distributor search is done in the following steps:

  • Identify the Universe: We start by making sure our database of distributors known to be involved in distributing medical devices or pharmaceuticals is up-to-date. At this point we already eliminate the companies that are obviously not suitable candidates.
  • Long List: We then screen this long list of distributors using criteria agreed with our customer, typically taking into account the other brands that they represent.
  • Short List: We then speak with the shortlisted candidates and create a profile of them, covering size, warehousing, presence, capacity etc. From this analysis we create a list of finalists.
  • Finalists: We visit the finalists to see their facilities for ourselves. We conduct a much deeper analysis including a financial evaluation and we establish a Willingness to Deal.
  • Winner: After presenting the finalists to our customer we await their decision on which finalists they would like to visit for face-to-face meetings. We then facilitate this.

Distributor Search


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